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Hi, my name is Jane Gardner and I live in the quaint village of Gordon with my family.

I am good friends of Sheina and Bob and I enjoy visiting their wonderful shops.

If you are visiting Wild Trout's beautiful Hat Shoppe in the heritage restored former Anglican Church, it is worthwhile to also explore their recently established Boot Shoppe, located directly opposite in the Shambles Antique Centre.

Bob was inspired by Vincent van Gogh, who appreciated the beauty and value of good working boots and shoes. These were included in numerous fine works of art, a number of which are reproduced as quality prints on canvas in the Boot Shoppe.

Our Boots

We are privileged to have elicited the help of the only truly legitimate UGG BOOT manufacturer in Australia to produce our Gordon Harris Tweed Sheepskin boots.

Made to our design and using our Tweed, UGG Australia have produced our unique boots and 'Uncle Angus' slippers from their premises in Melbourne.

They are designed to coordinate with our Harris Tweed headwear - Celtic Gypsies, Berets and caps.

The wonderful 'Reverse Bow Boots' for women create a cheeky range of Tweed colour options, where the bow can not only be reversed but also replaced with other contrasting bows. This unique design feature was created by Sheina, and can be integrated with our Celtic Gypsy berets.

Jane .. boots an allJane .. boots an all

We also stock BLUNDSTONE, BOGS and MCKINLAYS in the Boot Shoppe and a collection of individual VINTAGE footware.

Boots Gallery